Saturday, 9 August 2008

Classes at Crafts U Love

I'm excited today as ever as I am teaching at Crafts U Love. Always love teaching there as Tracy is so helpful and Heidi makes a smashing brew. Very good friends of my are also coming to my class which I haven't seen for some time(Sharon, Maralyn and Elaine).

Anyhow, here are the cards we shall be making today. If you like to make them, you will need the following dies:

Fairy castle:
Castle (REV-0113-S), Angel (KS0591), Mrs Claus(KS-0390), pilgrim (KS-0770), Elf boot (RS-0760), Broom (RS-0578), paper dolls die set

Teddy bears picnic:
Polar bear (RS-0876), cloud (RS-0025), Mug (KS-0592), Peek-a-boo bunny (KS-0412), Pig (KS-0525), Easter egg (KS-0414)


Sandra said...

Just love these designs... they are too cute.
Sandra xx

Justine said...

These are stunning Wendy and even better in real life!!!! nudge nudge, wink wink!!!!!!!!!!

Justine x x