Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Long time no post

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I've had a few days away at Alton Towers. What a fantastic time myself and my husband had. We went on all the mad rides, I feel like such a big kid!!! 'Air' was my favourite as it was a totally exhilarating experience. You hang from this rollercoaster, then you are tipped forward until you are parallel to the ground. You basically fly around at quite a speed on your front. Too cool!!!!

Hubby even took me to PDA Card and crafts factory (Best place for card blanks).

Hope to be posting some more designs soon.



Kim said...

Ohhhheee I feel rather queezy now!!!

PDA crafts ohhhh i would lurve to go there you lucky lady!!!!

Junie Moon said...

Blimey PDA would give me all the thrills and spills that I need!!!!!!!

Justine said...

I'm with Junie on that one!!!!
Glad you had a nice time!
Justine x

Julia said...

It seems like you had a lot of fun, I'm with Kim, I just feel queasy thinking about it!! x

Becceswaffs said...

It's amazing how easily pleased us ladies are with card/paper.
Glad you enjoyed yourselves at Alton Towers.
see you soon
Becce x