Monday, 19 March 2012

Fairy Birthday Card

I had some fairies left over from the last batch that I made so I created a little girly birthday card.I couldn't wait to use the new Nesting Doily Squares from Lifestyle Crafts for the background on my card.

Dies available from Creating Everlasting Memories and Creating Memories in Time. Links to the right


Dies used:
- Nesting Doily Squares (DC0256)
- Nesting rounded Squares (L-CC-002)
- Pineapple (KS-0555)
- Clip It Gift Set (DG0240)
- Doll dies (6 pc - 24 die set)
- Butterfly (KS-0920)
- Pilgrim Girl (KS-0770)
- Fairy Tale (REV-0263-D)
- Flower (Rev-0175)

1 comment:

Francoise said...

Love the little fairy Wendy! You are so clever with your dies. Fran├žoisex