Saturday, 12 March 2011

Starting to feel better

What a week I've had. I've felt so poorly so I'm so pleased to start feeling slightly better again.

I dragged myself back to my craft room and made this card using the Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress.

The pink coloured ink I mixed myself using white and hot pink inks. I wanted a slightly darker ink than the pastel that is available, so mixing it yourself is the way to go. It's so easy too. You just need a pallete knife and a bit of elbow grease!


Lifestyle Crafts products used:
- Letterpress Starter Kit
- Blossoms Printing Plate (L-PP-002-ED)
- Hot pink and white inks
- Special Delivery Gift Set (SGS-10) for the card
- Any circle die for the embellishment

Products available from:
Creating Everlasting Memories


Lynette said...

I'm glad you're feeling somewhat better, Wendy. My goodness, you had it bad! Beautiful card.

Bluefairy4U said...

Glad you'r feeling better Wendy, what a lovely card, wish I got the Letterpress when they were on sale everywhere. Keep well. Hugs