Monday, 9 January 2012

Fairy Door Hanger

I was making a few fairies yesterday as I plan to do a few projects with them. The first one I have made is a door hanger for my niece. I mounted the fairy on the Rosette Die (DCO222). I then used the Nesting Eyelet Rectangle (DC0164) for the name plate.



Lifestyle Crafts / Quickutz Dies used:
- Rosette Die (DCO222)
- Nesting Eyelet Rectangles (DC0164)
- Nesting Rectangles (L-CC-006)
- Tiki 4 X 8 Alphabet (DA0152)
- Pineapple (DD0136) - for the hair
- Pilgrim Boy (KS-0771)
- Paper Doll Body (4PK-0006)
- Butterfly (KS-0920)
-  "Clip It" Die Set (DG0240)
-  Fairytale (Rev-0263-D)
- Flower (Rev-0175) - for the skirt

Dies available from Creating Everlasting Memories / Creating Memories in Time. Links to the right of my blog!


Aquarius said...

Another beautiful piece - they always look so neat and pretty. :-)

Julia said...

This is stunning Wendy! You are so creative and use the dies so well. I really couldn't have come up with something like that, but it seems so easy for you!! I love all of your other recent projects; do you have any idea on how many Quickutz dies you have?! xx

Wendy Mind said...

Hello ladies, thank you so much for your comments. You are soooo lovely.

Julia, I hate to think how many dies I have now.They just released their valentine's range and they are gorgeous. Of course I have most of them :-) xx

Francoise said...

Love the little fairies you design. The valentine cards are very nice too!!
Saw Carol at CB in November. Said I would pop back and hello on your blog so here I am. Take care

lifesabeach32940 said...

Wendy ~

This project (like all of your projects) is AWESOME!! I've figured out most of the parts, but I was wondering what you used the "Click It" kit for? Thanks for any help you can provide!! I'd love to try to make this!! :)


Wendy Mind said...

Hi Judy,

I think I must have put the "Clip IT" set on the list of dies as an error. I cannot think what I used it for.

If you need any further help, just email me at

Wendy x

lifesabeach32940 said...

Thank you, Wendy!! I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out how you used the "Click It" kit in this project. It was the only die I didn't have from your list. :)