Saturday, 18 June 2011

Tutorial for necklace

I've been asked for a step by step tutorial for the necklace I made a few weeks ago, so here you go:

This necklace was designed using shrink plastic and some of my favourite Quickutz dies

Products used:
- Quickutz Flowers Die Set (6-017)
- Lifestyle Crafts Nesting Circles (L-CC-001)
- Shrink Plastic
- Organza Ribbon
- Jump rings

- Punch out 6 large flowers in the shrink plastic, 3 black and 3 white
- Punch 2 small holes at either side of the flowers
- Once the flowers have been punched out, cut 1.5” circles in the middle of them

- With the 1.5" circles that you cut out from the flowers, choose a smaller circle and punch out another hole in the middle so that effectively you have a ring. In total you need 6 white rings and 6 black.

- You will need to punch out a few more 1.5" circles as you won't have enough from the flowers.

- Shrink all items down and when cool assemble with the jump rings.

- To finish off, add some organza ribbon so that your necklace is the desired length.


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So simple and adorable!

Mary Anne